Wednesday, August 3, 2016


Peter and Tessa will be speaking on August 14 at 9:00 am at 15 N. 100 W. in Beaver.

Come if you can!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Back Home on Thursday!!!

Hurray for Zona San Miguel!
Hey Mom!

My last full mission week was wonderful! On Friday we held my very last zone conference. President Vasquez came too and near the end taught us about how we can work better with the members of our wards. He´s a powerful leader, President Vasquez. I do not doubt that every one of his ideas is inspired to help us achieve what the Lord requires of us. I got to bear my testimony to finish it all off, (along with three other missionaries who are leaving on Wednesday) and I shared one of my favorite mission scriptures (you have to remind me to share it with you all on Thursday). ;)

On Sunday I gave a talk at Church. I talked about gratitud, humility, and obedience, and how each one of these attributes will help us increase our desire to serve in the Lord´s work. My talk lasted 15 minutes, but I could have talked for another half an hour. It was great, and lots of the members congratulated me afterwards. I have to say, I´m going to miss this ward.

JC got baptized on Saturday. A bunch of members came to support him, and afterwards we celebrated his birthday with a huge cake. After his confirmation on Sunday he was so happy and content. It was perfect, because in our Elder´s quorum class we talked about the temple. The members and missionaries will definitely be preparing the J gemelos (JP and JC xD) for the ward temple trip on the 6th of August. :D

I´m so excited for Thursday! It´s going to be sooo awesome to see you all again!

I love you!

Elder Marriott

Monday, July 4, 2016


Hey Mom!

First off, I have to say that this is going to be the craziest week of my mission. On Wednesday we will hold my very last zone conference, and many members have invited us over for farewell dinners, (despedidas). I still don´t feel like I´m going home. It´s too hard to even comprehend. I don´t like thinking about it. ;D

I would love to speak at another sacrament meeting in Tacoma! I´ve got to make the most of my time before September comes along. :)

About talks, on Sunday I will give my farewell talk here. I´m excited, but it´s a little hard to share everything I want to share in 15 minutes. I´ll do my best. I remember one time I gave a talk in Apopa and the bishop had to tap my leg because I was taking up too much time. I´ve got to learn to manage it better. ;)

I laughed when I read about Stasia´s butternut squash chunks. All the missionaries turned around and stared at me. "Que paso?" they asked. I said, "Mi mama--es tan chistosa! Buena onda!" I really do love your emails, Mom. I´m thinking about saving and printing them all out when I get home...I would love to read them over again in the future.

Anyways, this week was great! On Saturday our district leader came and interviewed JC, and he´s completely ready to be baptized on Saturday. The whole ward is so excited for him, and the members are going to buy him a cake for his birthday on Friday.

Elder M and I have been placing baptismal dates like never before. I´ve got to leave my area strong as ever, as Preach my Gospel says. Our area is fantastic, and we´ve found a lot of great new people this transfer. It´s easy to work hard with Elder M--he´s excellent! He´s probably the most optimistic companion I´ve had, and he´s perfect for my last mission transfer. :D

Tonight we´re having another family home evening with JP and his family. He´s hilarious, every time we pass by to visit him he offers us cookies and juice, and has me give either the opening or closing prayer. He says he wants to hear me pray as many times as possible before I head home. On Saturday he gave us cookies and juice again, but we couldn´t eat or drink because we were fasting. He hadn´t fasted for 24 hours in his life, and decided to fast with us. The next day at sacrament meeting, he leaned over to me and whispered, "We just have to wait 2 more hours...then we can eat something!" and after the third class he grinned and said, "Okay, it´s over! It´s over!" Por sacrificios se dan bendiciones! I´m going to miss that guy. ;)

What do people do to stay cool?

Fans are popular here in San Miguel. For example, in our house we have 5 fans-two for studying, two for sleeping, and one in case of an emergency. Even with the fan on full-blast, it can still be really, really hot. Sometimes we splash water all over our head and feet in order to sleep at night. Everyone has fans, and some houses even have air-conditioning. Whenever a missionary has to move for some reason, he will always find an air-conditioned house. There aren´t hot showers here, but I wouldn´t take one if there were. I love cold showers. ;)

Most people are used to the heat. Here, everyone says there are only two seasons: summer and winter. I tell everyone that there is only one--summer. It´s always hot. If it´s not hot, it´s raining. And after it rains, it gets even hotter.

Yesterday both Elder M and I drank at least a gallon of water by the end of the day. It´s the only thing you can do to stay cool. Drink, drink, and drink some more. :D

Have a great week, Mom!

I love you!

Elder Marriott

Monday, June 27, 2016

Great Investigator

Hey Mom!
Elder Manzo's Birthday

This week was great! I have to tell you about one of our investigators we´ve been teaching this week.

His name is J (he´s 11 years old), and I used to teach him a long time ago with Elder P. He went to Church for a few weeks, but he lost his enthusiasm and stopped going. This week Elder Manzo and I decided to stop by and teach him and his other brothers and sisters (it´s a family of 5). We decided the best approach would be to teach him about the Book of Mormon and assign him a verse to read every day.

In our first lesson we invited him to read a verse from the Book of Mormon. The next day, he had read it and memorized it completely. We were overjoyed. We assigned him another verse, and he had it memorized before we came by the following day. On Saturday we stopped by to visit, and assigned him his fourth verse. He also accepted the invitation to go to Church on Sunday (I wasn´t surprised, the Book of Mormon is a powerful instrument). Two of his brothers and sisters had read and memorized a couple verses too, and all of them said they would go to Church with him.

Anyway, Sunday came along, and Elder Manzo and I were sitting in sacrament meeting. It was already 9:15, and he and his family hadn´t arrived yet. Suddenly he ran in through the door and sat down next to us. He greeted us and then rehearsed, word for word, Mosiah 2:17. Unable to restrain ourselves, we both congratulated. Many of the members were watching us, with amused looks on their faces. We asked him, "And your brothers and sisters, are they here too?" "No," he responded. "I came by myself."
He had taken the bus and walked all the way down to the chapel, all by himself. After the three hours of Church classes he took off again, by himself. Thankfully, (since he didn´t have a quarter for the bus to go home) his Primary teacher lent him one.

To tell you the truth, J was a great example for me this week. It was refreshing to see someone, who isn´t even a member of the Church, with such a strong desire to learn and do what´s right. Before, he never prayed in our lessons, but now he always volunteers to say the prayer, each time thanking God for "the brothers" who have passed by to teach him and help him be a better person.

JC is excited for his baptism on the 9th of July! This week we held a family home evening at his house and we learned about blessings, and how we can receive them. One thing is certain: blessings aren´t free, we have to earn them. And JC will receive hundreds of blessings after following the Lord´s example and being baptized on the 9th. He will be, just like JP, a powerful and faithful member of the Church.

JP continues learning more each day. He especially loves reading from the Scripture Guide, and he told us the other day that he already read about Missouri and the New Jerusalem. He loves learning about the prophecies that will be and are being fulfilled  preparatory to the Lord´s Second Coming.

Have a fantastic week, Mom!!

I love you!

Elder Marriott

Monday, June 20, 2016


Hey Mom!

I am definitely looking forward to scraping and painting the house again! Make sure my I-Pod is ready for use. Kidding! ;) 

This week was great!! On Saturday we held J´s baptism. Forty (!!) members came to support Hermano J. They also provided the refreshments (little croissant-sandwiches from WalMart). There were only thirty sandwiches, so an hour before the baptism Elder Manzo, another member and I went to a close-by store and bought sandwich bread, mayonnaise, and bologna. We made thirty sandwiches in ten minutes. Not to brag, but I´m without a doubt a sandwich-maker expert--with all my experience. You should be proud. ;)

The baptism turned out to be an excellent, spiritual experience. The speakers were well prepared, the bishop gave a warm welcome, and J was really happy and content. On Sunday, after receiving the Holy Ghost, he patted Elder Manzo and me on the knee and whispered, "Gracias," to us both. He told me that as he received the Spirit he felt an overwhelming peace in his heart. He felt innocent, like a little child. That night we passed by and taught him about missionary work and he is excited to share the restored gospel with everyone! He will be a powerful leader in the Church. He loves learning, and is eager to serve the Lord.

Guess what?! On Tuesday we taught JC again, and he accepted a baptismal date! He will be baptized on the 8th of July, in the last week of my mission! You can´t even imagine how overjoyed I was after our lesson with him. I have visited him for seven months on and off (he comes to Church almost every Sunday) and at last he is willing to be baptized. He will be another powerful convert. The Lord is blessing me so much in my last transfer here. JC´s wife´s sister also wants to be baptized, as soon as possible. Possibly we will baptize her with Juan on the 8th. I feel like I´m in paradise. ;)

Elder Manzo is obedient, hardworking, and an efficient teacher. He loves joking around, and maybe that´s why we get along so well. Neither of us can let a good laugh pass us by. ;) I´m lucky to work with him.

Have a great week!

I love you all!

Elder Marriott

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Just Like Paul

Hey Mom!

Wow, it´s incredible how busy you always are. You guys are always on fire! And I thought a missionary had a busy schedule.

This week was great! On Friday we had interviews with President Vasquez! He taught us about ways in which we can be more auto-sufficient (I think that´s how you say it in English). He told me about one of his RM sons, who baptized almost every week of his mission. A bit ago he asked him, "How did you baptize so much on your mission?" His son responded, "Easy. I just put everyone else to work!" When a large pool of members participate in mission work, a missionary can work for more than 8 hours each day. With the help of the members, the missionaries just need to coordinate family home evenings, lessons, and activities, and let the members do their thing. President is offering us a lot of new ideas to help the ward council and members accelerate the Lord´s work with us. It´s great!

Oh, guess what? J will be baptized this Saturday, the 18th. The bishopric announced his baptism in sacrament meeting yesterday and a bunch of members congratulated him afterwards. Bishop even came in during our Gospel Principles class and gave him a big hug. Our ward is truly amazing. I´m confident that many members will come to support him on Saturday too. J will most likely be our ward mission leader in August, when he receives the Melchizedek priesthood. He´s a powerhouse! During the baptismal interview he shared his desire to serve the Lord his whole life, just like Paul in the New Testament.

Sorry, my email is a bit short this week. There just isn´t much time today.. ;)

Have a wonderful week, Mom!

I love you!

New Comp

June 6, 2016

Hey Mom!

This week was great. On Wednesday I received my new companion, Elder M. He´s a great guy! Like I mentioned, he is from Ecuador. I´ve only had companions from Hondorus, Mexico, and the United States until now. He´s a little bit different. This week I got to know him and I learned one thing about him I didn´t know: He sure knows how to talk! There is not a dull moment. When we are walking on the street, he loves talking, about nothing in particular, or rather, everything! He talks about his companions, his areas, the mission, other missionaries, and especially food!

And he knows how to eat too! For lunch on Wednesday he asked for four tortillas (they´re really big!) and I asked for two just so I could give him one of mine (I only eat one every day for lunch). After about two hours of proselyting he told me he was hungry again! He said in Ecuador people eat a lot of food, but they aren´t as big as people here either. In Ecuador they eat a ton of rice, soup, and meat. Reeeaaal meat. Anyways. I remember one time when I did interchanges with him we ate dinner at a member´s house and afterwards he said, "Okay, let´s go to the pupuseria." He then proceeded to eat four pupusas. Incredible, huh? Yesterday he was so hungry (our cocinera just gave us four tacos) that we made pancakes at our house too. Today we went to the supermarket and he bought cereal, milk, eggs, beans, bread, sandwich meat, and chips! I´m still a little shocked at how much he eats. It´s funny, because when we compete I can eat more than him, but normally he eats a whole lot more than I do. ;)

He´s a great worker! He´s always very animado (excited?), energized! He walks with a spring to his step, and is very optimistic about the progress our investigators are making. On Saturday we taught one of our new investigators (we´ve taught him four times I think) about the Sabbath day and invited him to Church. Elder M testified energetically about the blessings we receive when we keep the Sabbath day holy. On Sunday we passed by for him and he came to church with us. On the way, we talked to a member who told us the missionaries have taught him for more than two years and he never went to church even once! We´re hoping to baptize him this month. Elder M is great!

On Sunday it rained soooo hard, early in the morning. The attendance decreased a ton, because most people didn´t want to leave their houses in the pouring rain. We´ll have to teach about sacrifice and the blessings that follow when we are obedient--no matter what.

Last Friday we went to another leadership council, and on Wednesday we will have another zone conference. This will be my seventh one here in San Miguel. Elder M and I are the only missionaries who have been here since December--everyone else is new. In December Elder M began his training when I got here. Crazy, huh?! He´s still "green." ;)

Have an awesome week!! Keep going strong, and keep smiling!

I love you!

Your favorite youngest son,

Elder Marriott